So I am in an internet cafe in Dublin already! I completely forgot to do a fare-well post. Well, not forgot, here’s the story: Tuesday was my 21st birthday, Wednesday was my flight out. My old teacher decided it was important I get completely trashed on Tuesday–I don’t necessarily agree, but by that point it was out of my hands. So, yeah, I drink way more of way more different things than I should. My friend Joe, a great friend, drives me home, and on the way I end up lying on the grass by his car continually rolling backwards so I don’t lie in my own vomit. Then I get home, sit on the toilet for a while, more vomit. Sit down on the couch, sometime around 2am. Wake up, still sitting, at about 7. Crawl into bed for hopefully 2 hours. I feel like shit, so I don’t sleep. My dad wakes me up so I can finish packing and take off, which his painfully slow. Plus I keep drinking water to, you know, lessen the horrible hangover I’ve got going on. So I struggle with that for a while, then get in the car and leave. We’re not even out of town yet when I make my dad pull over, open the door and throw up all the water I’ve been drinking. But after that I started to feel a lot better, I ate a sandwich, etc. However, now I’ve been up for about 25 hours straight (after 5 hours of passed-out sleeping sitting up) and eating what food I could scrounge in airports and bus stations. My stomach feels like shit, I haven’t showered in days already–and this is day 1 of the trip–and I can’t really focus on far off objects, which makes wandering the streets of Dublin particularly dangerous. So I hope to get in some sleep and maybe a shower before too long, and try to get some real food and some water in my gut.

So that was a long paragraph. Long-story-short: I’m in Dublin, sorry I didn’t say goodbye before I left, but I’m saying it now, and I’ll try to post some updates as I’m able. Ciao all!