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    Acronyms you should know: MTTD and MTTR

    by  • 10 May 2011 • Articles

    If you’re a SUMO contributor, there are two acronyms you will start to hear more often from us developers: MTTD and MTTR. They mean “mean time to detect” and “mean time to resolve,” respectively, and they refer to how long it takes to detect an issue in production, and how long it takes to resolve...

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    A brief SumoDev update

    by  • 12 March 2011 • Articles

    A little while ago, I said that I thought we got a B in Q1, but we could move up to an A with a little more work. (This is my favorite grading system: everyone starts at 0 and works up.) Well, we landed two things: Initial JavaScript tests. (And for showfor.) Stuck a...

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    Weekly Update for 11/3/11

    by  • 11 March 2011 • Articles

    Been a busy week! Helped run down an issue with our ads on Reddit. Updated django-multidb-router. Learned a little about ContextDecorator and how to do that in Python 2.6. Shipped SUMO 2.6.1. Wrapped up SUMO 2.6.2, ready to go this weekend. Rolling through activity logs in SUMO 2.7. Building models. Reviewing code. Did some...

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    SUMO in Q2

    by  • 2 March 2011 • Articles

    At the end of 2010, I issued a challenge to my team: deploy support.mozilla.com continuously by the end of 2011. So, as we move into the last part of Q1, how are we doing, and what’s next? So Far This quarter we’ve managed to completely break free from our old svn repository. All our...

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    The future of SUMO development

    by  • 27 December 2010 • Articles

    Just this month, the SUMO development team completed our transition to our new platform, Kitsune. This small release represented the culmination of nearly a year of great work, and I couldn’t be prouder of the team. At first, as the end of the tunnel approached, and we weren’t sure what we’d be doing next,...

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    An End and a Beginning

    by  • 3 November 2010 • Articles

    2010 is coming to a close, and, with it, the end of our year-long project to create a new platform for support.mozilla.com (SUMO) is in sight. For the past year, developing the new platform has been our focus and has effected our roadmap. When 2011 starts, we’ll begin a new chapter for SUMO. It’s...

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    Developing at Scale: Database Replication

    by  • 17 June 2010 • Articles

    When a website is small—like this one, for example—usually the entire thing, from the web server to the database, can live on a single server. Even a single virtual server. One of the first things that happens when a web site gets bigger is this is no longer true. One reason is load. A...

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    Weekly Update for 06/14/2010

    by  • 14 June 2010 • Articles

    Last week could have gone better. We tried to push SUMO 2.1 twice only to realize we had some issues with respect to replication that need to get ironed out. We think we have a fix for these issues and are rounding out the tests for that fix, but we won’t really know unless...

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    Weekly Update for 07/06/2010

    by  • 8 June 2010 • Articles

    I missed last week. I blame the holiday on Monday. Also Erik started, which is very exciting! Tomorrow afternoon is our planned push for SUMO 2.1, which is our new discussion forum component, and migrating the old data into that component. This is huge, since it’s the first new component serving content creation. (We’ve...

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    Surviving Pac Man

    by  • 24 May 2010 • Articles

    On Friday, Google showed off a fun new doodle in honor of the 30th anniversary of Pac Man: a Pac Man clone, complete with sounds. Unfortunately, in the initial release, those sounds started playing automatically—an oversight or an homage to <bgsound>, I guess. Even if Google was open in a background tab or window,...

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