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    Farewell, Facebook

    by  • 6 May 2010 • Articles

    On Monday, I deleted my Facebook account. A day before I hit the button, I posted a note letting people know where they could find me online if they wanted, and promising more of an explanation: here it is. I’m a control freak. I run my own web servers, mail server, IRC server, CI...

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    New Information Processes

    by  • 8 July 2009 • Articles

    Robert Pondiscio started a great discussion on Twitter in the classroom over on The Core Knowledge Blog. In particular, I’m interested in one of his comments: If someone invented a 21st century hammer it wouldn’t dramatically change the training and experience a contractor would need to build a house. Nor would anyone suggest that...

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    Social Media Marketing: This is your Chance

    by  • 30 April 2009 • Articles

    If I could’ve sat down with Chris Brogan and Laura Fitton six months ago and asked them one thing, it would have been: “Who, exactly, are you marketing to?” There has always been a small thorn in my paw about social media marketing. It’s the same thing that bothers me when people come on...

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    Communities within Communities

    by  • 24 April 2009 • Social Media

    There is an op-ed floating around Twitter today: As a social network, Twitter is a dud. Is it ironic that an article deriding Twitter is being spread on Twitter? Irony is so ill-defined. Twitter is not for everyone, and I respect that, but the author, Alex Groves, seems to be basing his entire point...

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    Why I Unfollowed You

    by  • 13 January 2009 • Articles

    Try these strategies to lose followers and waste your time on Twitter. 1) Have no name, photo, bio, or website. Avoid looking like a real person at all, in fact. If you arbitrarily capitalize and ignore the 140 character limit, you can look even more like a robot. These are at the top of...

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    Oh the Humanity (of Twitter)

    by  • 11 November 2008 • Marketing, Social Media

    Twitter creates a powerful opportunity: no matter who you are, or how big your business, you can put a human “face” on Twitter. Comcast (@comcastcares), JetBlue (@jetblue), Biggby Coffee (@biggbybob) and Starbucks (@starbucks), even Britney Spears (sorry, I refuse to link that one) have all shown up on Twitter with very real, human exchanges....

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