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    How Hulu Should Use My Data

    by  • 15 June 2010 • Articles

    It’s always been a little strange to me that Hulu has profiles. I suppose they’re for people who interact via the comments on videos, but the profiles seem so bland and token. It’s as if someone remembered to add them right before they shipped and then they forgot. Specifically, the part of Hulu profiles...

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    Farewell, Facebook

    by  • 6 May 2010 • Articles

    On Monday, I deleted my Facebook account. A day before I hit the button, I posted a note letting people know where they could find me online if they wanted, and promising more of an explanation: here it is. I’m a control freak. I run my own web servers, mail server, IRC server, CI...

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    Bleach, HTML sanitizer and auto-linker

    by  • 25 February 2010 • Articles

    Bleach is a whitelist-based HTML sanitizer and auto-linker in Python, built on html5lib, for AMO and SUMO and released under the BSD license. Bleach has two main functions: sanitizing HTML based on a whitelist of tags and attributes, and turning URLs into links. It uses html5lib for both. For more information on using Bleach,...

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