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    Some blog posts just don’t belong anywhere else.

    Actually Starting an Open Source Project

    by  • 31 January 2013 • Articles

    I’m a little late to the party, but I just got around to reading Starting an Open-Source Project and, as someone who has started several reasonably successful projects, I wanted to publicly disagree with, essentially, the entire article. The article outlines seven pretty big steps to take before you can even consider open-sourcing a...

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    Web Advent

    by  • 5 December 2012 • Articles, CSS

    I wrote a blog post for Web Advent this year! It’s about making better forms for mobile users. Web Advent is the latest incarnation of PHP Advent. It’s always a great collection of writing and writers. Check it out this month!

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    Mozilla’s Security Best Practices

    by  • 4 September 2012 • Articles

    This list of resources is meant as a companion to the talk I gave at DjangoCon 2012, but it should stand on its own as a useful list for Django developers. Best Practices? What are “best practices,” anyway? The internet loves to debate these things. For us, think of it as the collective team...

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    High MySQL CPU Load Today? Quick Fix

    by  • 1 July 2012 • Articles

    If you started seeing a load spike in MySQLd (or apparently Java) processes this morning, it may be the fault of yesterday’s leap second. Apparently due to tides slowing the rotation of the earth, there was an extra second added to 30 June 2012, so at midnight GMT (8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, in the...

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    Calling all Mozilla Community Members in New York!

    by  • 27 June 2012 • Articles

    Are you a Mozillian? Are you an add-on author or web developer or an avid Firefox user? Do you think of yourself as part of the Mozilla Community, and are you in or around New York City? Then I’m talking to you! We have a Meetup group. I’d love it if you joined it....

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    Where are James’ Slides?

    by  • 21 June 2012 • Articles

    I give a lot—well, I give some—talks, but I never give the slides out. And, as far as I can remember, no one has ever asked for them. I know people, people who speak a lot more than me, who put all their slide decks up. Why wouldn’t I do that? What makes me...

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    Why Django Sucks, Except When It Doesn’t

    by  • 8 June 2012 • Articles

    Ken Reitz is a smart man. Very smart. Smarter than me. He’s responsible for some of the best, most widely-used Python libraries out there. So when he talks, I listen. And recently, he talked about why Django sucks. Ken made some really excellent points. Among them: Django is too monolithic, and so… it encourages...

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    That’s What He… is Sorry For

    by  • 20 April 2012 • Articles

    Two recent blog posts have called me on my bullshit and I owe everyone an apology. First, Jessamyn Smith wrote about Fighting Sexist Jokes the Geeky Way, and then Katie Cunningham—whom, though we’ve never met in person, I consider a friend from the Django community and Twitter—wrote about being told to Lighten Up. Neither...

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    Developing a Culture of Testing

    by  • 16 April 2012 • Articles

    I say this all the time, but Mozilla’s webdev group has grown a lot over the past few years, and I don’t just mean in size. We’ve become better engineers, a better team, too. One key aspect of that growth, and a dramatic shift from three years ago, is developing a Culture of Testing....

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    by  • 19 February 2012 • Articles

    A week or so ago, I needed to say that I wasn’t OK. Thanks to everyone who offered support and kind words, and especially my cousin Jono who drank beer and talked about Star Wars and other things that don’t matter at all. That all helped. So did saying I wasn’t OK. I still...

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